Show Pig Pens

Show Pig Pens Explained

Before you get your prized show pig, you need to build a pig pen. This might seem easy enough, but building a show pig pen is pretty complicated. Pigs are more delicate than you might believe and require a lot of maintenance. In fact, pig pens have to be set up properly in order for your show pig to grow and be as healthy as possible.

At Pig Auctions, we strive to educate breeders both old and new on how to raise show pigs successfully. Since pig pens are an essential part of raising show pigs, we thought we would share some helpful tips on how to build them and what to include. This can have a major impact on the overall health of your show pig. So before you bid on one of the pigs up for auction, learn all about show pig pens!

Pig Pen Size and Area

A well-constructed show pig pen will be large enough for your pig to run around and play. Some people claim that a full grown pig only needs about 20 square feet of space in theirpen, but this is widely inaccurate. A full-grown pig actually requires about 50 square feet of space to be happy and healthy. However, you can build a smaller pen for your show pig so long as you let them out to run and exercise every day.

Some breeders are turned off by the smell of their show pigs and understandably so. Because of the overpowering smell of pig pens, it is recommended that you move it far enough away from your house to where the smell isn’t an issue, but close enough to where it is still conveniently accessible. Usually, about 300 feet away from your home is sufficient.

Consider the Pig’s Needs

Building a secure pig pen is essential to keeping your pig inside, of course, but when constructing the pen you should also keep the needs of the pig in mind. For example, pigs sunburn easily, which can be a major issue for a potential prize winning show pig. In order to protect your hog from the sun, you will need to build some sort of shelter to provide shade. Keep the shelter well ventilated so your pig doesn’t overheat in the summer.

Additionally, pigs have a difficult time regulating their body temperature and they can’t sweat when they are hot. To keep your show pig cool in the heat of the summer consider adding mud and dirt to their pen. They will wallow in the mud you provide to keep cool. You should put a layer of sand beneath the mud and add more dirt as needed.

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