Show pig Feed

Selecting Show Pig Feed

If you’re just getting started in the show pig game, you may be surprised to hear all the factors you need to consider in buying show pig feed. Current weight and time until the show are always factors at hand, but you’ll need to take a few other things into consideration when choosing feed for your show pig. Whether you’re raising piglets or prepping a newly-bought adult show pig, most pigs will require a different nutrition plan.

At Pig Auctions, we not only offer easy online bidding for show pigs, we also supply our bidders with the information necessary to properly raising pigs and preparing them for shows. Because selecting pig feed can be a bit difficult, we’ve compiled plenty of information to get you and your pig started for the big show. Take a moment to learn what you need to consider in feeding your show pig—it’s more than you might think!

Factors to Consider

As mentioned, there are plenty of factors to consider in selecting show pig feed. While feeding the average pig may not require so much attention, getting your pig prepped for a show calls for a more detailed nutrition plan. As pig breeds vary, so will the type of food they need to hit their ideal weight for a show. Check out the list below to see what you should consider when buying show pig feed:

  • Age: If you purchase a piglet, you’ll need to get a starter feed before switching to a grower and finisher feed. The growing period for show pigs is very important, as it’s at this time muscle develops.
  • Health: Your pig’s health should obviously be addressed when buying show pig feed. If you bought your pig in an auction, you may want to start it on a medicated feed for the first two weeks. You should also deworm your pig a few times (every 30 days) in prepping for the show, and once more right before the show.
  • Hydration: Water is extremely important in your pig’s nutrition. Experts suggest water is directly related to food intake. If your pig isn’t eating or growing right, you should check the water source. Ensure the water is kept clean at all times, and make sure there’s plenty of it.

Types of Feed and Feeding Tips

Though we touched upon a couple types of feed in the list above, you should be a little more informed about the types of feed available and how to supply such to your show pig. Of course, you need to consider the factors above in doing so to increase your chances of growing that award-winning hog. Take a look at the types of feed below:

  • Starter: Also known as creep feeds, starter feeds can be fed to any breed from the first 5 to 15 weeks.
  • Grower: After 15 weeks, or when your pigs have reached about 50 pounds, you’ll want to switch your pig to a grower ration, which has only a certain amount of protein and energy.
  • Finisher: The last type of feed to supply before the big show is a finisher feed. These types are fed to pigs to provide a softer look, giving them added body and finish.

Learn More with Pig Auctions

Clearly, there’s a lot to keep in mind when feeding your pigs and prepping them for the show. Along with choosing the right show pig feed, you need to ensure their water is clean and their environment is comfortable. You can learn much more about show pigs on our website. Check out our forum to gain insight from peers and find helpful information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Remember, you can check out our live pig auctions right here.