Show pig Supplies

Show Pig Supplies

Getting started as a show pig breeder is a lot harder than it seems. In addition to choosing pigs to breed, you have to be sure you have the proper space and supplies for your pigs to grow and be happy.

One of the most essential show pig supplies you will need is a place to house your hogs. Many breeders prefer show pig pens because they are easy and take up little space. In fact, a pig pen can be as small as 10 feet by 16 feet or as large as 50 feet by 64 feet. Of course, the size of your show pig pen will depend on how many pigs you have and what breed.

Of course, you will need your pig to gain weight and this will require the right type of show pig feed. The type of feed you give your prized hogs will depend on a variety of factors including: breed, age, gender, and even their overall health. Many breeders start their piglets out on a starter formula to help them gain weight quickly. Once the pig has reached 75 pounds or so they should be switched over to a growth feed.

Once your show pig has grown and reaches the weight required by the show you plan on entering your pig in, you will need to find a way to transport it. For this, you will need a high-quality show pig trailer. There are a number of trailer options for you to choose from and the type you purchase will depend on how many pigs you have.

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