Show Pig Breeders and Breeds

Show Pig Breeders and Breeds

Every show pig breeder has to get their start somewhere, and Pig Auctions can help you get ahead. Every show pig breeder has to have some knowledge about the different niches of pig breeding and the different breeds of show pigs. You should be able to look at a show pig and immediately recognize its breed.

At Pig Auctions, we provide our customers and breeders with the information they need to be able to succeed in this competitive environment. There are thousands of show pig breeders across the country and breaking into the industry can be daunting without the right resources.

So before you place a bid on our online show pig auctions, let us fill you in on the different breeds and types of breeders of show pigs.

Breeds of Show Pigs

It is important to remember that this is not a complete list of the different breeds of show pigs. In fact, there are dozens of different breeds for you to choose from. Each breed is different, and while some of the differences are noticeable, others are more subtle. Some of the most popular breeds of show pigs are:

  • Hampshire: One of the oldest and most popular breeds of show pigs in America, the Hampshire pig is characterized by its black color and white stripe encircling the body, including the front legs.
  • Chester White: Chester Whites are known for their pale white complexions and dished snouts. This breed is commonly used for crossbreeding operations for pork products.
  • Tamworth: Among the oldest breeds of show pigs, Tamworth’s hail from Tamworth, United Kingdom. Unfortunately, these pigs are endangered in both the U.S. and the U.K. so finding them up for auction may be a challenge.
  • Duroc: Duroc’s are easy to spot because of their distinct red color and droopy ears. This breed of show pig is great for breeding purposes and can grow hardy muscle quickly.
  • Landrace: Landrace pigs are a medium sized, white show pig with droopy ears. What’s notable about Landrace pigs is their ability to raise large litters. In fact, they are the fifth most recorded breed in America.

Types of Show Pig Breeders

The type of show pig breeder you are largely depends on the types of show pigs you breed. For example, if someone exclusively breeds Hampshire pigs, then they would be known as a Hampshire pig breeder. Of course, many breeders focus on more than one type of show pig so breeder types vary.

Additionally, many breeders crossbreed types of show pigs to get certain characteristics from both pigs. This can result in a pig that will be prime for pork production.

Learn More!

Obviously, you will need to know a lot more than simply different breed types and Pig Auctions can help you become the best show pig breeder possible. You can learn more about show pigs all across our website and you can always gain insight from other breeders on our forum.

If you have any questions about our auctions or sales, you can contact us here.