Online Show Pig Auctions

All About Online Show Pig Auctions

Long gone are the days of waiting for annual auctions to purchase your pig. With Pig Auctions, you can sort through a range of pigs for your breeding purposes, and everything is just a click of the finger away! Auctions are updated often, so you could find the perfect pig any day. Once you take the winning bid, you’ll be able to choose a transportation option, and your pig will then be on its way to your home.

At Pig Auctions, show pigs are our specialty. Online show pig auctions are a fairly new trend, therefore, some tend to find the whole process a little confusing. No need to worry, however, as Pig Auctions can fill you in with the know-how for all things pigs. Take a moment to learn more about our online pig auctions and how you can take part—it’s a breeze! First, let’s take a look exactly how the bidding works.

How do Online Show Pig Auctions Work?

In essence, an online show pig auction really isn’t much different than any other online auction. You’ll simply browse through the current auctions, place your bids accordingly, and repeat the latter until you’ve won the pig of your choice!

Once you’ve won your auction and the pig is yours, you’ll typically have a few options as far as transportation goes. Quite often, you can arrange to pick the pig up if you’re nearby, but sellers may also negotiate delivery and transportation.

Whether you’re an expert in the pig bidding game or are just getting started, we’re sure you have a few questions about online show pig auctions. Fortunately, we can fill you in.

Online Show Pig Auctions: FAQ

As mentioned, these online show pig auctions are still a fairly new practice. With this, the process of bidding on and transporting pigs may raise some questions. For a full list of answers to frequently-asked questions, check out our FAQ page. For now, we’ll answer some common questions most newcomers often ask. Let’s take a look:

  • How to bid: First, you’ll need to setup an account and include a credit card number to ensure you can bid. Once you’re registered, you’ll be ready to start browsing auctions and bidding on the pigs you want.
  • Winning bid notifications: Want to know when you’ve won an auction? We’ll tell you. Once the auction ends, and you’re the highest bidder, Pig Auctions will send you a notification email.
  • Seeing the latest bids: To ensure you’re seeing the latest high bids, be sure to refresh the auction page prior to placing your bid. This way, you’ll make the correct bid and know exactly how much to bid.
  • How to pay: Along with your winning notification, payment details will be included in the email, directing you to the right location on our site.
  • Buy pigs now: As you’ll see in the auction, you have the choice to bid on a pig, or buy it right away at a higher price. While this will ensure you get the pig of your choice, you could miss out on quite a deal by skipping the bidding process.

Find Your Pig Today

As you can see, online show pig auctions are quite similar to most other online auctions. Though delivery may be a bit different, finding, bidding on, and purchasing your pig is pretty simple. With new auctions being posted frequently, you’ll surely find the pig you’re looking for. Check out our auction page here and get bidding!
If you have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out and contact us.