Online Auctions

Online Auctions

Show pig auctions have been around for centuries as a way to show off your prized hogs and determine which pigs are best for breeding. The introduction of the internet, however, has made show pig auctions more prevalent.

No longer do you have to wait until the annual auction, you can simply utilize our online show pig auctions. These actions work much like they would in person. You bid against others who want the prized hog for breeding purposes. The only difference is this is done online rather than in person and operates much like any other online auction site.

Of course, if auctions aren’t your style, we also have a show pigs for sale side of our site. Here, you don’t have to bid against others, you simply pay the asking price for the pig in question and it is yours to breed.

Pig Auctions offers more than just pig auctions and sales, however. We have a wide range of information readily available to our loyal customers. If you want to educate yourself on the different types of show pigs and show pig breeders, we have the information for you to do so.

If you are interested in the show pig services, auctions, and sales we offer here at Pig Auctions, you can contact us here.