Raising Show Pigs

Raising Show Pigs

Raising show pigs is a lot harder than you might think. Your show pig has to meet certain requirements and raising them correctly can help them meet those requirements. Before you can start raising your show pig, you have to select the pig you believe will give you the best chance at winning the show later down the road. Additionally, you have to train your show pig properly.

At Pig Auctions, we won’t leave you out to dry when it comes to learning how to raise your show pig. While you can bid on show pigs for breeding purposes here, you can also learn the ins and outs of raising show pigs. Since this is a lot more complex than it might seem, let our established show pig breeders explain how to raise your show pig to be a winner!

Choosing Your Show Pig

Before you can start raising your pig, you have to choose the pig that is right for you. This will require a bit of extensive research in order to decide which breed you want to showcase. You also need to be familiar with the rules at the shows you plan on displaying your show pig at, as this will help you decide which show pig breed you should select.

You should also ask about the history of your pig. The parents can help determine the pig’s rate of growth, weight gain, and muscle-to-fat ratio. Most shows require your pig to weigh anywhere between 200 and 260 pounds and be roughly six months old at the time. This can help you decide how old your pig should be when you make your purchase.

Also, check your pig thoroughly to ensure the pig has no serious faults. Crooked hind legs, bucked knees, and even being short bodied can ruin your chances of having a winning hog.

Show Pig Necessities

Once you have selected the show pig of your choosing, you will need to get the essentials for raising a prime show pig. You will need to help your pig gain weight and choosing the right show pig feed can help you accomplish this. The type of feed will highly depend on the age of your pig at purchase. Piglets will need starter formula until they reach 75 pounds. At this point, you can switch them over to a finisher feed to help them gain more weight.

You will also need to have sufficient housing for your show pig. Many breeds prefer the outdoors where they can run around, while some do best indoors. Selecting a pig pen for your show pig or building a fenced in area for them is essential to raising show pigs.

Training Your Show Pig

Arguably the most important part of raising show pigs is training them properly. You have to build your pig’s confidence. While you shouldn’t turn your show pig into a pet, you do need to respect it as you would any other animal. You will need to teach your pig certain signals for their show. Some important signals to train your show pig with are:

  • Move Forward: Train your pig to move forward when you tap them firmly on their side.
  • Turn Left: To get them to turn left, train your pig to do so when you gently apply pressure to the right side of their head.
  • Turn Right: For a right turn, train your pig to do so when you apply gentle pressure to the left side of their head.

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