Community Resources

The show pig community has always been large, but the internet has allowed this group of like-minded individuals to reach out even further. In order to be a successful show pig breeder, you will need to take advantage of the resources available to you in this tight-knit community.

Many breeders have been in the show pig game for years. Who better to reach out to when you have a question than these experts? Through our public show pig forum, you can do just that. Here you will be able to pick the minds of some of the most established show pig breeders and improve your own reputation in the community as well. You may even be able to share some of your own special insight.

Pig Auction Community Resources

Of course, we here at Pig Auction won’t leave you out to dry. We have a number of community resources to help you become an expert show pig breeder.

If you are new to the show pig breeding industry, then we can explain how to raise show pigs. We can share expert knowledge on the different breeds of show pigs so you can determine which types you want to breed.

Of course, in order to get started raising and breeding show pigs, you will need to know what show pig equipment is essential to breeding the best pigs possible.

You can also bid on show pigs here and choose one that is best for you! You can also contact us here if you have any questions.